About Peter Hein

After working life as Associate Professor of Obstetrics in Nijmegen, Peter moved to Friesland to further expand his activities as a visual artist and writer in the tranquility of the Frisian ‘Greidhoeke’.

Visual arts:

He has been active in the visual arts since the 1970s. Initially mainly drawing and painting. Soon there was also work in bronze and other materials.
The images are often characterized by long shapes, in order to accentuate the intended emotion. They are, as it were, ‘bronze drawings in space’.
Light, airy, thin, slender, graceful are the keywords that apply to much of his work.

Peter patinas and embosss the sculptures himself and also makes the moulds, allowing him to operate independently (except for the casting) and to control almost the entire artistic and craft process himself.

Some time later he also started making objects from old iron, sometimes in combination with other materials, such as glass.

In addition to the Netherlands, work was sold to: Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, Israël, Austria, Ireland, The United States and New Zealand.


Peter started writing short stories, which appeared in short story collections and in the newspapers NRC, Vrij Nederland and Trouw, among others. Books were added later. First with small publishers. Since 2013, he has been an author at the Meulenhoff-Boekerij publisher in Amsterdam


Over the years, exhibitions have been held at:

  • Sculpture garden “Images in Gees” (Dr)
  • Gallery De Vereeniging, Workum (Fr.)
  • Gallery Belled, Langbroek (Utr)
  • Gallery Lughien, Amsterdam
  • Gallery Goutum, Goutum (Fr)
  • Gallery Sous Terre, Lithoyen (Br.)
  • Fine Arts Gallery Castor & Pollux, Bilzen (Belgium)
  • Gallery Peter Bax, Sneek (Fr.)
  • Museum Møhlman, Venhuizen (NH.)
  • Gallery North, Groningen (Gr.)
  • Gallery De Valk, Harlingen (Fr.)
  • Art Event Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Floris Siemer Kunsthandel, Naarden Fortress (NH.)
  • Gallery East 99, Hoorn (NH.)
  • Waterpoort Art Gallery, Sneek (Fr.)
  • Galerie de Ferbylding, Warns (Fr.)
  • Cordel’s Art Clinic, Gorredijk (Fr.)
  • Gallery Loes Koster, Ceramic design, Muntendam (Gr.)
  • Gallery Pronkkoamer, Saaxumhuizen (Gr.)
  • Gallery Nora de Klein, Groningen (Gr.)
  • Gallery Part Two, Gees (Dr.)
  • Gallery Bus stop, Culemborg (Ge.)
  • Gallery The Old Village, De Bilt (Utr.)
  • Gallery Marry Feldmeyer, Delft (ZH.)

There is work in stock in: Sneek, at gallery Bax-kunst in Sneek


Are you interested in one of the works? You can view the work by appointment in the studio.
I also invite you to contact me for orders.